GLOBAL CONFERENCE FESTIVAL - Jornada Internacional 2018


Competitive Strategies in Operational Excellence.

Asset & Facility Management, Reliability Management, Operational Excellence

Weston, Florida (EE.UU), del 09 al 12 de Julio de 2018

Presentamos la próxima Jornada Internacional, en Competitive Strategies in Operational Excellence, que será los días 9, 10, 11 y 12 de Julio en Weston, Florida (EE.UU).

¿En qué consiste una Jornada Global?

La Jornada Global Asset Management Internacional® es un evento que se organiza anualmente con el  propósito de reunir a profesionales del ámbito de la Gestión de Activos e Infraestructura, la Confiabilidad y la Excelencia Operacional. Después de pasar por varios países, ahora en EEUU, donde está la sede de PMM CIEx Research Center “Center for Innovation & Operational Excellence” podrás presentar tus artículos a un gran número de líderes con ganas de compartir y debatir temas de actualidad industrial.

Objetivo: Crear un foro a través del cual los profesionales puedan actualizar, compartir e intercambiar las buenas prácticas, experiencias innovadoras y las últimas tecnologías aplicadas. El objetivo es crear valor, eficiencia y la sustentabilidad.

Consulta nuestro brochure del evento donde encontrarás toda la información detallada sobre el programa del evento: Click aquí

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Invitación del Dr. Luis Amendola

luisDear professionals,

On behalf of the Global Team I extend to you the invitation to participate in the 7th International Conference of Global Asset Management that will be held in Weston, Florida, USA, from the 09th till the 12th of July 2018.

In this sense, comment that the Journeys aim to be an active forum through which companies and organizations can find and compare the different approaches, strategies, methods and new technologies associated to achieve the Optimization of Asset Management, Competitiveness and Profitability of the Business.

The Asset Managemen and Operational Excellence organizations of nowadays face more than ever the challenge of assimilating strong and continuous changes, not only in the environment, but also social, technological media, capital resources, new regulations and legislation. It is therefore necessary, to make decisions within the scope of the organization in order to adapt to these changing and complex world.

It is important to remember that the pillars of changes in organizations are in innovation & creativity to generate added value to the business. I remember when I was in the oil industry as a manager in America and then in the university – european industry and when we created Global Asset Management in the year 2008, together with a group of great professionals, we were not creating one more optics, we were bringing an added value to what already existed in that time, «your glasses in one hour».

With my more than 38 years of industrial and academic experience, I have had the fortune to have gone through technical and directive positions in the industry, as well as being able to advice the industry at an international level. I can comment with propiety that this forum is a great space to give answer to those big questions and necessities that the energy, manufacture, minery, automotion, oil, gas and petrochemical sectors, and that, among all industries, without exception, there is a common goal exist: be more arrendable, competitive and sustainablel over time.

Our objective is to impulse the Sustainability of Organizations through Optimal Asset Management & Operational Excellence. The first step is not to apply multiple techniques and make large investments, but to know what we need and where should we invest to achieve a great positive impact on organizations.

Luis Amendola, PhD.





Short Courses (9 y 10 de julio 2018)

  • Día 1 (9 de julio 2018) – Luis Amendola y Terrence O’Hanlon
    • Asset Management like a Business Strategic
    • Reliability and Asset Management for Executives
  • Día 2 (10 de julio 2018) – Luis Amendola y Enrique Mora
    • Optimization of Costs, Productivity and Sustainability
Global Conference Festival (11 y 12 de julio 2018)

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Grupo de ponentes en la 6ª Jornada Internacional Iberoamericana


6ª Jornada Internacionale Iberoamericana


Ponencia de Luis Amendola, Ph.D., en las jornadas


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Mesa de Networking


Ponencia en las jornadas


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V Jornada Internacionale Iberoamericana


IV Jornada Internacional Iberoamericana


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